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WYC 149 – Athletes with special needs – Amanda Selogie & Vickie Brett - Leveling the playing field

Amanda and Vickie practice Special Education law in Southern California. They also run a non-profit called Inclusive Education Project where they aim to level the playing field in academic settings for students living with disabilities. They co-host their own weekly podcast by the same name - the Inclusive Education Project Podcast and they feature conversations on how parents and teachers can best ensure an inclusive school environment.

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WYC 148 – Youth Soccer – John Adair - Constraints-based Coaching

2018 will mark John Adair's fourth year at Coerver Coaching. Adair is the Regional Director for all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, overseeing player development and coaching education. Prior to joining the Coerver Coaching staff, he has enjoyed success at both the club and high school levels in the South Jersey area.

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