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WYC 048 – Youth Sports - Rich Clayton talks eliminating the pressure of mistakes

WYC 048 – Youth Sports - Rich Clayton talks eliminating the pressure of mistakes

Today’s guest is Rich Clayton.  Rich was a referral from my friend James Leath, who killed it on episode 31 talking mental peak performance.  Rich has been coaching, teaching, and an athletic director for the last 16 years in California.  He lost both his parents at a pretty early age, so coaches were a huge influence on his life.  He grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, and played Jr. College football.  Rich is currently transitioning from a larger school district in California to a newer one - and he is excited about starting all over and developing new systems.

One huge idea I took from Rich was in the 2nd quarter where he discusses how to get kids excited about failing.  Another huge idea was in the 4th quarter where he shares the best way to get kids and parents to listen to you.   I hope you enjoy his insights and stories!

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