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WYC 027 – Mike Frederick - High School Football, the NFL, and Joe Ehrmann

Coach Mike Frederick: Mike played 5 years in the NFL, including a Super-Bowl run with the Tennessee Titans, 1 year with the original Cleveland Browns, and 3 years with the Baltimore Ravens. He is now the head football coach at his alma mater, Neshaminy High School in Philadelphia.  Mike also coached for 3 years at the perennial powerhouse The Gillman School in Baltimore, where he got to know Joe Ehrmann, the author of Inside Out coaching.

The first HUGE IDEA I took from him is in the 1st quarter when he talks about the best time to implement change.  The 2nd HUGE IDEA I took from him was in the 4th quarter where he shares the 2 top priorities for a youth sports coach... - I hope you enjoy his insights and stories!

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