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WYC 043 – Cameron Gish - What a Sports Coach can learn from a Band Director - Harnessing Enthusiasm and Creating a Vision

WYC 043 – What a Sports Coach can learn from a Band Director - Cameron Gish talks Harnessing Enthusiasm and Creating a Vision

I’m really excited about today’s guest – because it’s out of the ordinary and unique – today, instead of interviewing a youth sports coach – we’re interviewing Cameron Gish – who is a middle school band director.  I got the vision for interviewing him when my family moved to Franklin Tennessee last Spring – and we attended a band performance which my niece and 2 of my nephews were in – and several things stuck out to me – The precision with which the band did everything was very impressive.  But the biggest thing was seeing the passion that Cameron had for this band – and how contagious that was within the band members.  Then I was shocked to hear that a band at this middle school hadn’t existed 2 years ago and Cameron had started it from the ground up.  Needless to say, in this performance I watched Cameron’s school, Hillsboro Middle School - earn ‘grand champion’ honors.  Cameron has created a vision for this group of kids, and the awesome culture he creates has led to the band exploding and growing bigger and more popular each of his 4 years at Hillsboro.

One huge idea I took from Cameron was in the 2nd quarter where he shares a great way to challenge the kids to practice perfectly. Another huge idea was in the 3rd quarter when he talks about the Sunshine Folder – and be sure to listen to the free giveaway I offer up if you help fill up Cameron’s sunshine folder.   I hope you enjoy his insights and stories!

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